The formation of an Ozone Hole occurring over the Arctic will likely happen within the next 20 years.
- Professor Jonathan Shanklin of the British Antarctic Study, BBC News October 26, 2000

In 2007, I traveled to the Arctic Circle to document the effect of the ultraviolet and the infrared light spectra on the magnificent icebergs and the endless ice sheet of Greenland.

The Ozone Hole and ozone depletion is responsible for the increase in the amount of ultraviolet light that reaches the planet. The colors of the ultraviolet; emerald green, deep purple and concentrated blue reveal the complexity of these mammoth icebergs. Because this spectrum is beyond what is visible, the resulting color photographs in Greenland have a surreal quality.

Global warming has increased, affecting the amount of infrared light that is reflected in the landscape. Infrared light transforms Disko Bay, Greenland as in Disko Bay, Greenland #13 into a magical landscape. The Bay is filled with fragments of ice not visible with the human eye revealing the mysteries that lie beneath the surface.

Color Images: 2007, C-Prints
Black and White Images: 2007, Platinum Prints